Company History

Established in 2004. TEAM Aerostructures quickly rose to become an integral service provider to the aerostructures MRO market in Europe.

As the company has grown, we continue to deliver tailored, competitive solutions and developed excellent working relationships with civilian and military aircraft operators, and global aircraft spares supply providers alike.

TEAM Aerostructures recruits and trains talented staff; moulding them into specialists to meet the demands of our international client base, You trust that the products and services we provide, will be delivered on time and at the most competitive rate.

Since TEAM Aerostructures was established, our policy is to continuously add to our range of capabilities - you can view a full list of our capabilities here. We are proud of our reputation for innovation, flexibility, reliability and commitment to our Customers. Aligning with our Mission of Tailored Solutions, we are constantly working with you to devise new ways to service your specific needs.