Using the very latest repair techniques equipment and technology, our highly-trained and experienced staff offer a range of MRO capabilities and services on Airframe Structures, Engine Nacelles, Flight Controls together with replacement parts supply and Field Service.

Our capability includes:

Bonded and Rivet Sheet Metal Structures

  • Re-fabrication of Skins
  • Repair of Bracket and Frames
  • MA25 Application Booths
  • Flight Control Balancing
  • Full in-house Spray Booths

Hot Bonding Repair

  • Cures 180°, 250° and 350°
  • Metal to Metal
  • Carbon Fiber
  • Kevlar/Aramid
  • Glass Fiber Hybrids

Engine Nacelles:

  • Engine Thrust Reversers
  • Engine Fan Cowls
  • Engine Nose Cowls
  • Engine Exhaust Nozzles

Flying Controls:

  • Ailerons, Elevators, Rudders
  • Horizontal Stabilizers
  • Speed Brakes
  • Leading Edges
  • Ground and Flight Spoilers

Airframe Structures

  • Landing Gear Doors
  • Airframe Doors
  • Panels
  • Radomes
  • Winglets

Field Service

  • Portable Bonding Consoles (with built-in vacuum and sheet metal and bonded repair capability)

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